Grade 5


Where you belong

My home is where I belong.
Where there are people I can count on.

The place that your family would always have your back.
Home will keep your family together until the day you die

A place where you feel accepted.
A place where you feel connected.

My home can’t be replaced.
My home is everything!

Your home is your family.
Not the brick wall.

I love my mom’s cookies.
The ones with secrets behind them.

I will always hear my brothers loud music.
I will always hear them singing when they take a shower.

Obodynay illway vereary eplaceray ymay amily’sfay
Ananabay akecay.
Ustjay ikelay heretay ersonalitypay ndaay hetay ayway reattay emay saay.

Mes frères sont les personnes qui me dérangent toujours mais je les aime.
Ils sont vraiment gentils aussi et vont être avec moi pour toujours.