Grade 6


Where the World Makes Sense

Where the World Makes Sense

Walking into your home is like stepping through a portal.
From bad to good. Scary to safe. Sad to happy.

Feeling the warmth of your home embrace you,
You get a fierce, comforting sensation that everything will be okay, somehow.

Every drop of your distress melts away into an invisible puddle,
As though it evaporated before hitting the ground.

Every anxious thought in your head vanishes without a trace,
Replaced by intense feelings of love and safety.

You marvel at the imperfections of your home,
And understand it’s these that make it perfect.

The picture you drew on the wall as a toddler.
The stain on the couch from when you spilled soda during your movie marathon.

In that moment you realize that everyone deserves a home,
No matter their race, gender or job.

For home is the place you come back to.
Home is the place that rocks you in its arms,
Like a mother, her baby.

Home is the place where you feel content,
And the place where the whole world makes sense.