Grade 6


Where the Heart Lives

I wanted to write a poem
About the meaning of home.
But even though I rhyme
From time to time,
I just don’t know.
But shortly after I realized,
That a simple saying says
Home is where the heart is
And that’s all we need in the end.
I have also realized,
That things are good for me.
I have friends and family,
And a house where I am free.
I also have possessions,
That make my house a home
Like a bed and a desk and a farm where I roam.
Also I have every day, all the time,
To go and play and learn.
But for those who don’t have those things
I have made this rhyme-
Home is where the heart is,
Home is where you live.
Home is where I dream, I play,
Home is where I give.
But for those who don’t have a home,
Here is what I say,
I hope this poem can change that in some, little way.