Grade 5


Where My Heart Lives

When I’m at my house during a storm
It’s a place where I can stay, and keep warm.

I can trust the strong brick walls built for me.
Home is a place I can just have a sip of tea.

When it is raining I can count on the strong pointy roof.
Home is where you can be a goof.

Your house is not cold nor hot, it’s perfect.
Home is where you connect.

No matter the size of your house it is where you feel brave.
Home has memories you save.

When you’re afraid, your house is where you can be strong in your step and attitude.
Your home is where you feel gratitude.

Your house is on the ground and is not coming out. . . it won’t tip.
Home is more than you would expect, it’s where you make memories and build relationships.

Your home is where you feel safe and secure and can ask questions.
Home is where you get suggestions.

Home is where the heart lives.