Grade 6


Where My Fears Fade Away

To me, my home is my safe place where I feel loved and comfortable. There is no other place where I can feel more happy with my home and family.
There’s no place like home, with family and friends.
When I play outside, and I get a little hungry,
My parents are there, to feed me something yummy.
When I realize people are out there, with no home to stay in,
I want to help them, and fix there situation.
When you’re feeling down, and don’t know what to do.
Your brothers and sisters, are there to care for you.
In my home, I can sometimes lose It,
But with my family, I relax with music.
If you ever feel insecure, and really scared,
Just remember, that you have a family that cares.
Your home is wherever your family, friends, and cousins are.
If you ever feeling down, go do the things that you love and that make you happy.
If your mom tucks you in bed, and she leaves and you’re scared,
Just remember home is where the heart is, or your family is where the heart is.
Dear 2050, just so you know our world is going to be safe by then with our community joining Habitat for Humanity.