Grade 6


Where my Family is

Home for me is where my family is, but right now, I feel like I’m with strangers. They look just like my family but they aren’t. They act different. My mom, used to always have a camera in her hand to make sure that we have memories, but now, she only takes videos during the holidays. My dad used to be home all the time and would make jokes almost every second, but now he works in Kenora while we live in Winnipeg. Now, I hear a joke every hour or so. My big sister, she was this girl who would play princesses with me. We would play barbies in the basement. Now, she watches Grey’s Anatomy in the basement and wants nothing to do with me. My brother was this super cute little guy who would suck on his pacifier on the couch in my moms arms. Now, he’s to busy watching YouTube on the tv and playing hockey .My little sister, she was exactly how my brother was, but soon she turned into a drama queen with sass for DAYS!!!I feel like I’m the only one left. I don’t think I’ve change much. Now, I’m a little gloomier, short tempered and some how I think I got more mature… No. That’s impossible! Right now, home is a place where I eat, sleep and live. It’s a place where I see my family fade away. Hopefully they’ll come back and I can feel safe, protected, and loved again. Just maybe…