Grade 5


Where Memories Happen

Where Memories Happen.
Home means to me a place where you come to be safe and loved. I am constantly surrounded with the people I love most. My house is modern, and to me modern means neighbours with warmness and coldness at times. When I walk into my house I feel surrounded by peace and energy. Each room in my home has its own vibe of “YES!”, Cheerful, happyness, quitness, my home has it all. My home means a ton to me because when I was younger we moved A LOT . From Sherwood Park to Edmonton to St. Albert and back again. Everyday I walk home from school I feel excited to be home. I love my room because it has a window straight to a beautiful field, that is one reason why we picked my lovely home. The meaning ‘Home’ is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place to live with our pets, families and enjoy with friends, a place to build memories as well as a place where we can just truly be ourselves.