Grade 5


Where it all started

Where It All Started

Home is where it all started.
Where I learned to walk and talk.
And where I learned to play fair and be kind.

A home is so special, nice and warm.
Where everyone belongs.
No matter how small or tall everyone deserves a home to feel safe and warm in.

Home is where we live with our families big or small.
We all have different members of our family. Some people live with there parents, siblings and pets.

Homes can have different smells different sounds and very different appearances but that’s fine because all homes are different and unique just like you and me.

Your home and mine weren’t ours first. They were homes of the First people of Canada so we have to respect them.

Your home might change over time but in your happy, crazy and even your sad memories it will always be your home. Forever, as long as you live.