Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Where it all begins

Everyday when I wake up I open my eyes to a lovely home it’s small but it’s still wonderful and I’m grateful for it and every day I go into the kitchen to see my family in the kitchen waiting for me to eat with them. Even though they don’t have to wait cuz I usually sleep a lot and every day I go in my bedroom and make my small bedroom look good that sometimes I could squish my way in but it’s still my bedroom.
I’m sad for a lot of people because they don’t have homes to live in and to see there family and its sad. so if if I win I would like to donate it to them cuz I can’t believe some people don’t have homes which is very sad how some people die of coldness so that’s why I’m Writing this beautiful story so people can understand to help other people to build homes for them.
my house is the best and people should have a home like mine. my home is where it all begins the wonderful stuff that happens and all the sad things and it wouldn’t be a home if you didn’t have the action, the sadness and happiness and the exciting things. that’s what makes a house a wonderful house