Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from the boxing robot toy that my grandpa bought for me before his sorrowful death.
From prickly grass that covers my backyard,
And a magic 8-ball that supposedly tells what’s going to happen.
I am from the two square shaped building,
and the barking of my cute little dogs.
I am from the stained dinner table that my grandpa fixed for my family.
The American elm tree that covers my backyard with everlasting memories,
that I used to hug when I cried.
I am from listening to music before bed and going to a park that wears me out.
From my loving Mum and my thoughtful Dad.
I’m from parents that love music and saying please and thank you and from eating on my stained dinner table.
I’m from, “You got this”, and “Solo” by Prismo,
I’m from delicious Sunday dinners.
I’m from Winnipeg and I’m Canadian, Indian and Finnish.
From having my kind, caring, loving and thoughtful grandpa fight kidney cancer for 12 hard years.
From my grandpa’s cozy condo,
and from a spinning future I am still reaching for.