Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from a fuzzy blanket in between
your toes when you wake up.
From minty tooth past and a tap still dripping
from this morning.
I am from the welcome mats with a nice greeting and the smell of
melted candle wax.
I am from the juicy tomato plants from my garden to the old oak trees.
surrounding my house that I do photography with.
I am from the beautiful family photo that give
you a summer feeling.
From Grandpa.G and Grandma.G.
I am from “Go to bed” and “Go eat.”
I am from the bells still ringing in my ears from Christmas.
I am from the bright white hill and Tim Horton’s.
I am from, “Go Jets Go” and falling and tumbling down that bright white hill.
From almost falling off a cliff to an adventurous and creative mom and dad.
I am from a wall spilling memories.
I am from the lego waiting to be built into the life I am still constructing.