Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from the always stained wooden dining room table,
From the dog dishes that never moved and the ledge by my bed that is covered in
beanie boo stuffies.
I am from dog hair that covers my house all the way from head to toe and my
mom’s boodas that over run my house .
I’m from the money tree right beside my living room window and the dying.
succulents everywhere that die every week because my mom can’t seem to keep them alive.
I am from Christmas’s, Thanksgiving’s and Easter’s that are always filled with
conversation’s, Laughter and things like how my mom’s family is Ukrainian and my
dad being English/British.
from my loving and encouraging parents and my amazing and proud grandma.
I’m from the cowboy hat at my grandpa used to wear before his death and the
staying up late BBQ’s at my grandmas during Canada day and all the old photos I
can’t really remember.
I am from “Shae, Be careful!” and “Shae, their too young”.
I am from hearing all of Ed Sheeran’s songs over and over again.
I’m from the 7th of January being Ukrainian Christmas.
I am from the home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
I’m from Borscht, Sausage rolls and Maple syrup.
I’m from my dad saying Go Blue! Vs my uncle saying Go Riders!
From the non-stop stories about my grandpa and the funny way he ran.
I am from the drawings I can’t stop drawing and the way I hear the joy in my dad’s voice when he talks about my talent.
And that’s where I’m from.