Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from the breath-taking steel chandelier,
from the forest scented pine tree disguised as a mountain of ornaments
and the smell of a pond, wafting over kilometres of tar dotted streets.
I am from the cracked yellow slide, fused to the worn play structure
and unbeatable sweet’ n sour meatballs, sizzling on the pan.
I’m from the luscious green snake plant,
and the rare lilac bush that gets all the human attention.
I am from Christmas dinner.
The Great outdoors, silently demanding my family’s name.
From Paul and Terry A.K.A Grandma and Grandpa, always there for me.
I’m from shouts of annoyance to the jaguar horn,
dreams of a demigod life
and from an endless flow of Haiku.
I am from, “Never give up”, and, “Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep”.
I’m from church every Sunday morn,
And the wheat covered bison of the plains.
From a flag of red, yellow, black,
Christmas in the New Year,
And from the chilly, salty fog rolling over The Rock.
From the first ever French Immersion I.B diploma in the hands of the kindest person alive.
From the comforting sight of my bleu and gray bedroom.
I am from nature in all its beauties, claws to feathers to venom.
From the game-winning shoot-out goal,
And a passion for overachieving.
I’m from every book I’ve ever read,
From Victory Royale,
and legs made of anvils after an overly competitive race.
I am from our personalities, that make us unique, yet, bring us all so much closer together.