Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from old and worn-out dog collars.
From big fluffy blankets and tones of strong-smelling candles.
I am from the many different plants in our dining room
and our pets yelling at each other.
I am from the small cactus in the kitchen.
the old oak tree that stands tall
that has attended all our imaginary performances.
I am from opening one present on Christmas eve
and to always being honest.
From mom and dad.
I am from believing in ourselves and each other
and family game nights on Christmas eve that will shape
our memories forever.
I am from the “I love you” and “Hurry up”.
I am from eating dinner together.
I am from home of the Winnipeg Jets
and lots of baguettes.
and jumping on the trampoline all summer long
and a lot of spaghetti.
From going on trips with our grandma
would never break a rule.
From the photo album under the T.V.
From many more trail rides with horses I will never forget.