Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from car ride music.
From a lot of old art supplies that could fill a never-ending abyss.
From a crazy amount of how to draw books that anyone could look through for hours.
I am from my mom’s house plants, some of the most beautiful exotic plants from all over the world.
Or how the creek sounds like it’s rushing when you pass by.
I am from a family obsession of Christmas; the tree always goes up on November first, and down only after new year’s, or else.
Or from the way my sister nor I would snoop through the small tower of gifts, because we both knew our stealth would fail us.
I am from buying tacos at the baseball game, or catching a player’s ball for the first time.
From,” don’t worry,” and “surprise!”
I am from playing video games, with my grandpa until late at night, and not getting bored.
And from going to the amazing Slurpee fest every year on July 11th.
I am from domination in hide and seek.
From anime, and manga, and how easily you can watch, or read it for hours.
I am from the Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing, some of the most ultimate video games of all time.
I am from winter and its colours, white, and sparkling, or the never cold snow.
From skating at Heritage with friends, and sledding that always end in decaying yet hilarious injuries.
I am from “nothing is a skill, it’s a knowledge anyone can take in, if you stop trying, you’re never going to succeed and so, you never give up.”