Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from homemade cookies, from laughing siblings and from Friday night pizza parties.
I am from the big tv on the tall fireplace, and the soft pillows on the couch.
I am from the lilac bushes spreading across the fence and the quad rides at my grandma’s farm that helped me when my auntie passed.
I am from family gatherings and sports tryouts, from aunties, uncles and cousins.
I am from creating adventures, going after goals and from, “Never saying goodbye…. it’s just see you later.”
I am from, (Chick-a- rack-a-Che-chi-Che-chick-a-nor-a) song.
I am from Christmas dinners.
I am from the home of the Golden Boy and proudly Canadian with English, Scottish and Irish roots.
From my uncle Jay playing in the NHL, with the Nashville predators to our family rivalries with the Winnipeg Jets in the playoffs.
I am from my memory box under my bed, to the inspirational wall above my bed dedicated to fastball and hockey.