Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from ladder bookshelves.
From sewing materials and wood made furniture.
I am from the cozy, colourful feeling of home
and my puppy’s toys, scattered everywhere around.
I am from the trees that stand tall near my backyard for all seasons and
the Aloe Vera with its leaves cut off for experiments.
I am from sending my family videos on their birthdays.
From a humorous family that always laughs.
From my dad and my mom.
I’m from my great-great grandma’s gold and magenta earrings,
Russian books with many stories, with unique names,
and from the pretty jewelry that comes from my family.
I’m from, “You’re so cute”, and “You can’t do it… YET”.
I’m from Facetiming my family.
I’m from Simferopol, and my grandma, who loves me though far away.
I’m from my family, who wishes to come to Canada from the place with Borscht and Pelmeni.
From my mom, who came to Canada for me to have a better life,
who always tries her best for me.
From the album with photos of my childhood with many memories.
From the witches and wizards of, “Harry Potter”,
and, “Titanic”, whose sad story I’ll never forget.