Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from my soft pink blanket
From a pink, lion so cuddly and
All my consoles full of memories even, terabytes couldn’t handle
I am from the cozy living room
And the sound of a wailing baby.
I am from the grass covered by my deck the crab apple tree across the street
That, I pick bare.
I am from the holiday of Lorhi, and the crack of peanut shells.
From my baby sister as cute as a little seal
And the nicest mom.
From family time and daily walks
And from playing, on the front yard.
I’m from pay attention and you’ll learn and the beautiful, nursery rhymes tattooed in my head.
I’m from saying my prayers before bed.
I’m from the home of the jets and mind blowing, history the slurpiee champs.
I’m from Winnipeg Manitoba and the culture of an Indian.
From funny stories of my parents when they were kids.
From a funny dad and “You’re sus!”.
I’m from, “Let’s play”
And the hard, winter of Canada.
From more shoes to fill, with new adventures.