Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from apple smelling hand soap,
from fluffy Spider-man blankets and
spaghetti with only ONE single meatball on my plate.
I am from the little apartment across the creek and white painted walls, with
glowing butterfly stickers on them.
I am from bright yellow dandelions that
sprout back each and every summer and the lemon tree that never seems to grow.
I am from opening one gift on Christmas eve
and a family of jokers.
From a funny papa and a caring grandma.
I am from cat lovers, game players and from tea sippers.
I am from “Go to sleep”, “Hurry up bugaboo”, and “You Are My Sunshine”.
I am from going to church on Sundays.
I am from the place where two rivers meet and the hunters of buffalo.
I am from camping in the great outdoors and skating on the solid duck ponds in the park.
From my uncle who travels the world, saving lives, and hiking in his spare time.
From a red taped keepsake box in the corner of my bedroom
that is overflowing with things I can’t give up.
I am from reading to movies and time spent with my daddy!
I am from being loved forever and always!