Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from yelling and crying,
from chasing the dog
and music playing every step you take.
I am from the constantly walking up and down the stairs
and the wonderful smell of Scentsy, exploring the house.
I am from branchy, tall trees, easy to climb,
the bright orange lilies that droop every time they die.
I am from funny crazy families
and making meatballs every Christmas.
I am from screaming, odd sisters
and silly weird parents.
From forgetful siblings
and older cousins.
I’m from calling friends and family
and lots of clothes shopping.
I’m from mispronouncing words
and from stupid jokes.
I’m from “Clean your room” and “Ring around the Rosie”.
I’m from baking and cooking with friends and family.
I’m from the Winnipeg Whiteout
and the red and white flag of Canada.
I’m from steamy hot chili
and crafting with lots of cardboard.
From when Papa poured Pepsi in his cereal instead of milk.
From the photos on my wall
and in the container under my bed.
I am from the adventures of Percy Jackson
and the magical stories of Harry Potter.