Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from books, from delicious cookies
and wooden furniture.
I am from the many family portraits and the sound
of family members cheering during holidays.
I am from the bright pink flower in the living room
that makes me happy whenever I see it.
The tall tree that I can see just outside my bedroom window.
I am from going to the beach every
summer and from a wonderful loving family.
From my grandmother’s amazing cooking
and a brother who always plays Roblox.
I’m from the golden earrings my grandma
bought for me when I was 2 and from my mom’s joyful personality.
I’m from “Be careful” and “I love you”.
I am from staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve.
I’m from going on walks in the summer on the path by Sturgeon Creek.
From fried rice and delicious egg rolls
I am from finding out that my baby brother has profound hearing loss,
and the sound of him giggling whenever I do something funny.
I am from the drawer that has all the amazing
memories and adventures that I will keep adding to.