Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from books,
From iPads and Mr. Noodles
I am from the big field that is just beside my beautiful, black house
and the touch of the grass
I am from the coconut tree I saw in Mexico and
the red rose my real mom gave to me, that is still in my room
I am from the beach and going on walks.
From fun and weird siblings and loving and caring parents.
I am from Jesus, going tobogganing
and from great big family dinners.
I am from, “Don’t Touch That”,
and “Practice makes progress.”
I am from fun family barbecues,
speaking French, watching a movie on tv, and the smell of
peppermint a.k.a. Dentine fire gum.
I am from meeting my stepsister and her obsession of unicorns.
From my dad’s picture from when he was young,
and my 1-year-old sister who is the most adorable in my family.
I am from my love of mermaids and my mermaid tail swimming suit.