Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from delicious homemade bread.
From cookie smelling candles
and too many Zoom calls.
I am from the big tree that used to be in front of my house, until we had to move.
I am from the navy blue and grey house on Castleman street,
from a funny stepbrother who always makes me laugh,
and a stepsister who plays Roblox with me EVERYDAY.
I am from the wind chimes, which hold my grandpa’s ashes
and endless Facetime calls with my family and friends.
I am from “I love you” and “Stay safe.”
From a broken arm playing on the monkey bars during family photos.
I am from “You’re going to be late for hockey practice”
and making new friends at École Ness.
I am from the drawer with all my special moments and memories
And from going to Banff, Alberta every year to go skiing with my family.
I am from practicing and playing hockey every week
and from family members who live far away.
I am from one of the coolest dads out there, and the most loving mom!
From sending and receiving birthday videos every year
and from a long, fun life ahead!!