Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from my PS4,
with games and friends that always play with me.
From my cats Gilbert and Rosie
who love to cuddle.
I am from the small condo
with memories and new and old
I am from the sound of my cats running and climbing
around my condo.
I am from the vines filled with beans,
from the singular tree planted
at the front of my yard,
with millions of attempts to climb.
I am from tobogganing and movie night with pizza.
From my helping mom and my adventurous grandma,
the people that have always been there for me.
I am from my great grandmas iPad with tons of games,
From dozens of bobble heads
and from my mom’s old dogs’ ashes.
I am from, “Be nice.”
I am from Christmas eve
with all my family gathered around the fireplace.
I am from the capital city of Manitoba.
From the Jets and Habs the team we love.
I am from the wall with all the memories
and accomplishments.
I am from the beginning of my journey with still millions of memories to come.