Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from expensive hockey sticks used for intense puck handling,
From sturdy helmet cages that protect my eyes, ears, nose
and the speedy skates that rip through the ice with every stride.
I am from the glistening blue and white on my walls
and the roaming scent of deliciously, hand crafted banana bread.
I am from the pond filled with an ocean of kids almost every day.
The Maple that`s leaves wither away as winter approaches.
I am from getting pumped up and exited for playoffs and the mouth-watering Christmas baking sizzling in the oven.
From Xander, mom and dad.
I am from relaxing morning laughs, from friendly evening feasts and exciting lunch time skates.
From the gentle, “Have a nice day” and the upbeat tune of “The Hockey Song”.
I’m from the excruciating wait for hockey season to start again.
From the clever creators of the savoury poutine
and popcorn with tons of candy in it.
I’m from the traveling here and there for hockey and the hooks, slashes and trips on the ice.
From a silly broken hand incident, with a funny story to go along.
I’m from the excitement of the puck hitting the net.
I’m from ‘’You look sus’’
and the Fortnite 1# VICTORY ROYAL.
From no goals
and silly penalties.
I’m from all my friends
and memories we had
I’m from the difficulties along the way and the daring adventures all the way to the end of the world!