Grade 6


Where I’m From

I am from ripped up horse blankets,
From water bottles and muddy shoes.
I am from the pet hair on every piece of clothing
and the horsey smell.
I am from the one sunflower that’s taller than me
the tree with the pretty pink flowers
that make me happy every time I see them.
I am from baking cookies with my family
and the loyalty between everyone.
From laughing with my nana and fighting with my brother,
i’m from the lucky horseshoes and
Unlucky ones to and from family portraits every year.
I’m from the ‘’I love you’’ and ‘’Be careful’’
and from writing my own song to the dog barking along,
I’m from sewing stuff for the whole family.
I’m from the ice-cold Winnipeg winters
and the red and white flag with the maple leaf in the middle.
From the homemade pancakes with chocolate chip and from screaming at the tv when the Jets score.
From hearing thuds down the stairs and finding out it was my dad
To him telling weird dad jokes like usual.
From the album books filled with adventures.
I am from trail rides that will make memories forever and always.