Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Where I stay

Home is a place I stay,
Where my family is never far away.
I love to see them where it’s nice and safe.
I hug them and love them
Every single day.

I get of the buss every evening,
To go to a place with a meaning.
Where you laugh and love and where everyones loved.
It’s called a home.

A place that’s comfortable and welcoming.
It’s a place we talk with each other about our day,
I don’t need to work or worry about being unsafe.
It’s called a home and everyone should have one someday.

Some people don’t have one,
And nowhere to stay.

That’s why I love my home,
I open the door and smell love.
Love from my family that will never go away.
My cats come to greet me,
And always bump my leg.
I go and say hi to my family,
And want to hug them for the rest of the day.

That’s why I am doing this poem,
So people can be safe.
Not on the streets scared every day.
So they can have somewhere to sleep peacefully,
And stay without a worry.
I hope this ten dollars that there donating will make someone’s day,
We should all write one so more people are safe.