Grade 5


Where I Live

Your home is where you feel loved.
Home is where you play everyday.
In your home you feel cozy and loving.
Home is a place that we are so lucky to have because some people don’t have homes
A place where you love to be.
Home is where your heart will always be.
a place can be yourself and not be someone else.
Your home is a place where you feel comfortable.
Our home is a place where you laugh and smile.
A place where you matter and your involved.
a place where your wishes and dreams come true.
Home is a place where you can like and not care what people think about what your doing.
You feel you can tell your parents anything.
A place where you feel no one can get you and you feel safe.
A place where you have food on the table.
I am so glad and grateful i have a home.
A place where you don’t care what people think of you where you feel safe and a place where you feel thankful to have.
Home is a place where lots of good things happen.
Home is a place where you make lots of new friends.
A place where you heart will always be.