Grade 6


where I fit

To me home is a feeling and it`s like a big cozy blanket is wrapped around you. When you are at home you will have that powerful feeling that you are a superhero to your own comic book. You feel like you belong, like your home knows you better than anything and you know your home better than any human being. Your home is just like that one person who you instantly know that they will be your most loved friend who takes up a big spot in your heart and you know that they will be there for you forever. It’s the place where you could stay forever and feel content every day. At home you feel the amazing feeling of love and happiness in the air. As you step in you should see your most cherished possessions and that shows you that your home is part of you, and you are part of your home. If you were a puzzle, then you home is that last piece that fits in perfectly and completes it.