Grade 5


Where I feel at Home

When I was 6 years old our family house was flooded. My mom and dad, three brothers and I lost our house, we lost furniture, and we had to find a different place to stay. I felt a lot of emotions. I was sad because I lost a place to call home; I was scared because I didn’t know where I was going to live; yet I was also excited to see what was coming next. It was at that time a friend let us stay in their house until we knew where we were going next. At our friends house we had lots of fun. I wasn’t worried about our house with all the excitement we where having. Nerf wars, a warm place to sleep and home cooked meals was just what I needed. At that moment I felt at home again.
That’s when I realized home is a place where you:
laugh and play when you’re happy;
weep and sigh when you’re sad;
lay down and rest when you’re sick;
growl and stomp when you’re mad;
eat and drink when you’re hungry and thirsty,
And talk with the people you love.