Grade 5

British Columbia

Where I feel at home

Have you ever felt cozy, and calm, and cherished? When everything just feels impeccable? That’s what home feels like to me.
When I’m with my family, I couldn’t feel more at home. My family means the world to me, and
I wouldn’t be thorough without them. My mom and my dad make me feel cherished, and secure. My little brother is so adorable and makes me want to play all the time. Even when I’m busy. My cat helps me feel better when I’m sad or crestfallen.
I need a secure place to feel at home. If I’m at school I can feel at home. To feel secure I need clean water, stability, and to feel loved. I don’t need my belongings, because I already have the
memories tied to them. Some belongings I have never wanted to let go of, and some things I could let go of in a heartbeat, or already have.

Music has always been a part of my life, and always will be. I started dancing when I was two, and ten years later I’m still dancing. Music moves me in a way that nothing else can! I forget about everything and my body ploys. My friends make me feel elated and homey on the inside. They help me feel improved if I’m sad or stressed, or angery. To have friends like that is an award, and good fortune. Something not to take for granted.
To be enjoyable means for some people is to sit on a sofa. Turn on the television, and to eat
chips. To me I need to be healthy and secure, and adored. I also need to know others, like my family and friends are feeling secure and beloved like me. That’s what home means to me.