Grade 6

British Columbia

Where I Call Home

From the outside world of my home,
When you are moving about
And driving by,
You may just see a few trees
Full of grassy leaves,
And overgrown bushes
With vines that haven’t been cropped.
You may even just see,
An average house
Made of marble stone
And light oak wood.

But if you would open your eyes and look,
Just a wee bit closer,
You can tell it is where I call home.
It is tremendously more
Than just the many materials you use
To build any house.

My home is even more than plainly
The few trees that you may recognise,
Sitting on the leafy green grass in front of my home.
Even more than a house shaped building
With a roof and a structure.

Not even close.

But then,
What is the “even more”?

My home is the place I find peace.
It is where I can play a harmony while everyone sings along.
It’s where we cry and learn lessons.
My home is where I find joy.
It’s where I can run around and smile.
It’s the place I can lay on my bed and daydream about anything.
A place that keeps me warm from the cold winter breeze,
And a place that keeps me safe from the outside world.
My home is where all my family gathers
At the end of the day.

At the end of the day,
It is where I call my home,
And my own.

Notes / Ideas:
It’s even more
List thing ur friends would see
Say it’s even more
Say what it actually is, feels, looks,
Compare it to a human outside, inside
So next time you drive by a home not a house………….
So what is your definition of home
The journey
A story with beginning and end
Or simply just a place to call home
Different but same
Not only call home but be proud