Grade 5


Where I Belong

My home is where I belong.
It stands tall and strong.
It’s a place where you live, and grow positive.
Home is all you need to succeed.
A family is its heart,
and they can’t be apart.
You store everything that you have.
Dead or alive, it will always be revived.

A home is a place where love exists.
You love and are loved, you share and receive,
help and be pleased.
All those things you do at home to make it a better secure place.
Stay home, stay safe.

Our neighbors are the best, they’re our deepest guests.
The sun is our guide, it’s the brightest of all the light, and it’s worldwide.
My family is part of my home, and they’re also in this poem.
It’s not a home without its core, it’s like a beggar that’s poor.

A home is a place where you can explore, with your memories stored.
A place that’s peaceful and thoughtful.
Peace like charity begins at home.
There is no place like home.