Grade 5

British Columbia

Where I Belong

My house means a delightful, loud, bright, home that I enjoy living in. It’s a warm, cozy place that I feel safe. Usually we have a fire roaring.
My home is almost like a wood cabin. It’s nestled on the edge of a road by a river and in between some trees. I have a big backyard with a trampoline that I like to jump in, we have room to play and run. Often I see bald eagles and fish in my back yard and once and a while a bear crosses through.
It means a place where I can relax and not worry about anything, it’s a place I enjoy living in that comforts me. I know where everything is. I am well fed in my home and I sleep on the top of a bunk bed. My little sister sleeps on the bottom bunk with our old black lab named Gus, and my two brothers sleep across the hall. Our new puppy Willa sleeps in her crate downstairs.
I love my home and all the people and things that live in it!