Grade 6


Where I Belong

My home is on the field. I have the best team ever, they’re supportive, kind, rare and irreplaceable. I know it’s weird but at the start of every game I smile because it’s another great day that I get to spend with the best kids in the universe, that makes me feel part of something special. There the second family I always dreamed of as a kid and now I’ve got them in my grasp and I’m never letting go. There all unique and special, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care for each one of them. On our own were talented but together were undefeatable and that’s how it’s been for the last 3 seasons. I wasn’t very skilled a couple years back but now I’m Centre defence a very important role. My coach would have never had given me that position 2 years ago. I’m always confident when I stand in between Ady, Ryan or Samara because I know they’ve got my back and I’ve got theirs. Leah our goalie is incredible in action and saved us from multiple possible defeats. Lily, she can be as fast as lightning and dribble through an entire team. Ryan can clear the ball in a single strike. Haven is epic at crossing in the ball and she has a lot of determination and confidence. These are just a few of my teammates. We all have that soccer soul that pressures them to make improvements and get better. That’s why we’ve come so far as a team. We’re a true family and I never want to leave that. Their unforgettable and our bond is unbreakable. I’ve found my love and I hope whoever sees this can find theirs.