Grade 4


Where I Am Loved

This is my home. I think everyone should have one like mine, big, small, I just hope it’s a place that everyone can come back to a safe place. Even though no one can have a home like mine, it’s just so special to me. When I come home from anything, I come to my warm house but my home is my family and I have a room that has the most loved things in there. When it’s bad times, good times, it will always have a roof over it. When I get tucked in at night and get woken up by a nice loving mom or dad. Home is a nice place to go. When I went downtown I saw lots of people in cars and even walking, but when people walk they don’t realize that some people are sitting on the ground, dirty and sad asking for money. I felt so bad when I passed by. So I am very blessed to have a home. It’s where I can cry, laugh and be myself. It can be anywhere; up, down, right, left, if I am with the people I love. I hope people around the world will be happy. The walls and floor is my house but my home is family and fun. That’s my home, I belong there forever, and that is my home.