Grade 5


Where Home Is Warm

At home you feel cozy.
You can curl up by the fire and relax.
You feel loved.
You can run, jump, and play.
In the morning you wake up and hear the birds chirping.
It’s a new fresh day.
When you are at home you feel safe.
You go to school, and when you come home you have fun.
You play with your brothers and sisters.
You have a good meal with your family. You feel stuffed.
After you go to bed and feel safe.
You don’t have to worry because your family can protect you.
In the morning you hear footsteps coming towards your door, so you get up.
When someone comes into the room you see it’s your Mom.
She comes and sits by you.
You can snuggle with her and feel her warmth.
You are safe.
You are cozy.
You can relax at home.