Grade 6

New Brunswick

Where Home Is, Family Follows

There was never a time where I didn’t feel loved. And there was never a time where I was out of a home.

In all my life there was never a time where I was without joy and comfort in my home!

The difference to me between a house and a home is…

A house is a building with four walls and a roof.

A home is a building with love in its walls and safety tucked under the roof. Not only just that but it has memories to.

It’s a place to feel safe and to have comfort, serenity and a worm future

Home is a place to put up your feet after a long winter’s day, to hang out with your family and your friends.

My family might be different than yours but in my family theirs my mom and my dad, my brother and dog.

To finish this piece off I ask you to always remember his phrase, where home is family follows!