Grade 4


When You Don’t Have a Home

When You Don’t Have a Home

Birds have a nest for a home. Bears have a den. And a spider lives in a web. If animals didn’t have a home they wouldn’t be ok. If people don’t have a home it’s the same thing. They wouldn’t be ok either. I hope the people will get one soon. When some people don’t have a home, we can help them build one so they can be happy. I wish everybody had a home.

My family and my home means a lot to me. I help my mom clean up and I play with my brother. I help make supper too. Things I like to do, relaxing and spending time with my family and having fun with my friends. The things I am thankful for, having a house and being with my family. One day I had a good feeling that something I like was going to happen. We were going for a drive and we pulled into Ernie’s and got a mountain bike and bugs always stick on it. That was a memory. Home is where you make good memories so everyone should have a home.

When some animals don’t have a home they don’t have a chance to live. They would have no shelter. They would not be ok. And it’s the same thing for the people. When people don’t have a home they won’t be ok and people need shelter and food and to be safe. When you don’t have a home you need help getting a place to be happy and safe.