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Grande Prairie

When I’m with my friends and family.

Home, home is a place where you can feel safe, where you make memories.
A place where there’s so much emotion, that it drowns all the commotion .
Where then you play board games , teams don’t matter cause you’re grateful to have each other.

Some people don’t realise how lucky they are to have a home.
Having a home is a privilege, and there’s over a village without one.
There are alot of people who could give back just a little and could help someone go from living on the streets to having a home.

Just on donation could help someone in need, by writing a poem or an essay you donate ten dollars to habitat for humanity.
Ten dollars can do a lot but that’s not all if you are the winner of each grade and get to choose where to donate thirty thousand dollars to help the habitat.

Home can be any were as long as you’re with your friends and family and that is what home means to me.