Grade 6


When I’m Home

When I’m Home

Home, a place to stay a place to go

Everyone should have a place to stay even when the money is low.

At all times when kids don’t have joy, I always try to bring some toys.

For anyone who doesn’t have a home should still have faith.

When I’m home I always feel safe.

When I’m home I feel like a dove, warm and protected.

Homes have peace, homes have safety but the homeless can’t live with their rights.

A home has happiness, a home has grace, a home forever will always have faith.

Even some families don’t have dinner together.

I’ll always be joyful. I’ll always be thankful the last thing I want is for someone to be ungrateful.

I have lots to eat, I have lots to wear but when something happens, I will always care.

Home means forgiveness, home means love but I will never forget the ones I lost up above.

When I’m home I try to be polite and honest, but I know I’ll always have family forever.

Imagination, everyday meals the thing I won’t forget is all the memories.