Grade 6

British Columbia

When I’m at Home

Home is the best, when I’m at home and can relax and do whatever I want. I can let my mind loose, without having to worry about rent or being able to afford my house but, what’s on my mind is that there are still familys that cannot afford proper housing. When I’m at home I feel safe and secure. When It’s miserable outside my home keeps me warm and cozy shielded from the bitter icy cold winters, when it’s scorching hot outside my house keeps me cool from the blazing hot temperatures! I’m lucky enough to relax, and let go without having to worry about whether my family can afford to put food on the table. My home doesn’t just keep me safe, my home is also responsible for keeping many other lives in good hands, such as my family and my gorgeous pets. Our home is like the base to our family, we spend our time in there together, eating, sleeping, playing board games and more. So at the end of the day we rely on the place we live to provide warmth and a safe secure place to live. Houses come in many shapes and sizes, some are big and some are small but at the end of the day they all serve the same purpose, and thats to provide an indescribable place to live and thrive.