Grade 6


When I’m at Home

When I’m at home my great dog Murphy greets me with lots of licks and kisses. I believe home is where joy and love spread throughout the rooms, filling up the hearts of others. Sometimes people visit homes to spread joy and happiness to all that is there. My home means everything to me.

I always sleep in on the weekends until my dog Murphy jumps on my bed. He usually licks my face like a bowl of water.

One time my dog Murphy got a new toy and I was going to steal it, but I didn’t know how. I managed to snatch the toy when he was staring out the window like an owl stares at the moon. Finally, he looks down and is in disbelief! His favorite toy was gone! Stolen! He looked behind him and at me, saw his toy and scrambled off his chair in my direction. I sprinted down the stairs with his toy in hand and Murphy followed suit. He ferociously breathed on my spine like a gentle breeze in the summer. Murphy eventually caught up to me and I dropped the toy, and he picked it up with his dirty snout and walked away with lots of sass. My home means everything to me.

I feel like joy is life and your soul elevating up to dance to a beautiful song. In every home there is always joy somewhere to take and spread out. Joy can also join into lots of different emotions such as happiness as well as love. These emotions can be everywhere in a home such as the bedrooms to the kitchen to the garage to the laundry room.

I love my beautiful home and it means the world to me. I love my home!