Grade 5


When I’m At Home

When I’m at home I feel calm, I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a bomb.

When it rains I love to splash in puddles and when I come in I get lots of cuddles.

When I get home from school my parents give me a hug and my brother usually gives me a bug.

Hockey is the sport we play and sometimes I feel like I could play it all day.

My cats will come in when I go to bed and later they might sit on my head

When I’m at home my parents always say, “We love you and we love you every day.”

When I’m at home I’m not stressed because when I’m at home I feel the best!

At home there might be a little shouting and occasionally a little pouting.

At home my brother might feel down so it’s my job to turn his frown upside down.

At Christmas time the phone will always be ringing and the bells will always be dinging.

When I’m at home I get an awesome meal and to me that’s a pretty good deal.

This story could go on forever because I’m having a blast but it must end at last.