Grade 4



When I think if my home I think of my crazy, but thoughtful family that loves me so much. I think of the love our family shares and keeps protected in my warm heart. I think of my cozy, cushy bed that I love sleeping in.

I think about my super fun sister that loves me so much! My fluffy, cozy dog that cuddles with me when I am sick or sad. I love my family so much! My home is somewhere that I feel safe talking to my family.

Home is where I feel happy and is where I feel like I can just be free. Love is below the roof of my home and is safely kept in my warm heart. Home is what I trust holds up the love in my home.

Home is where love is blown and is safely locked between me and my thoughtful family. I love my parents because they paid for my home and they love me so much. Home is where I have my friends to play with outside or inside. I love my home so much!