Grade 5


When I think of home

When I think of home

When I think of home, I think about the warm covers on my bed. My white fuzzy blanket helps me get a good night sleep. When I went to Florida for March Break two years ago, I got my white fuzzy blanket, because it felt so soft. From then on, I have it on my bed because It makes me feel, safe especially from the thunderstorms.

I think about the nice dinners my family makes for me. I really like breakfast foods for dinner and pizza nights. For breakfast my family makes pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast and fruit. My favourite pizza is cheese pizza from Ginos. I am thankful that my Mom and Dad makes my family’s dinners. Sometimes, I help by setting the table or doing the dishes. The best part of dinner time in my family is when we sit at the dinner table and enjoy the world that God made for us.

When I think of home, I think about all the love that surrounds me. The people who love me in my family are my brothers Iain, Jack and Reed, my Mom and Dad, my cousins, aunts, uncles and my grandparents. When my family has parties at our house, my loved ones come over to play and we have lots of fun. Our family is very close, and I love spending time with them.