Grade 5


When I Think of Home…

When I think of home I remember many places, and all the times I’ve met new faces.

Your home is where your passions begin, and where you try your best to win.

When you are at home your family is there, and when you feel down you know that they care.

Your home only has to be special to you, it’s where you stay when you have the flu.

When I think of home I think of warm dinners, the laughing, talking and the delicious smell that lingers.

Home is only what matters to me, so it doesn’t matter what others see.

Home can never always be fair, but even through strife and fighting our family and friends will always be there.

When I think of home it reminds me of peace, a place where all your worries cease.

Home is where you can just throw off your shoes, and then sit down to watch the news.

Home is where you find your true self, and where you can read all the books on the shelf.

Once you leave and find a new space, remember your home and that happy place.