Grade 5


When I Think Of Home

Some days I come home and think about how much I love my home and then I think what if I didn’t have one. My home means so much to me, it has happiness and love throughout the house.So I start to think about what my life would be if I didn’t have a house. I would be sad and alone on the streets, but there is a place that is called Habitat for Humanity that would help me. That is why me and hundreds of kids are writing these poems and essays.

Home means family. To come and see your family everyday makes your house feel like a happy house. You can have an empty mansion but a small home filled with family and happiness would be better. Your family is what makes a home. If you don’t have your family it is just a building.

Another thing that home means to me is memories. They play a big role in a house because some of the best childhood memories come from your home. I love memories because they give a warm joyful feel. One of my favorite childhood memories is to play jack in the box with my mom.

Home is safe, you can be you and no one will judge you. But it is more than people who won’t judge you, it also means no one will hurt or rob you. Home is a magical place and I think everyone should have one.