Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

When I Think Of Home

When I Think of Home

I think of my home in Canada where I can play tag and ipad, too.
I smell lunch, cake, pizza and Ramadan food.
I touch my teddy and my ipad.
I feel safe because my house has doors and windows.
I love my family.
I think of my home in Turkey.
It’s big and beautiful.
I left my home to be with my sister in Canada.
She has two babies and lives close to Walmart.
Home is the best place to do anything I want.
Having no home would be sad and you would not sleep.
I’m grateful I have a home here but miss my houses in Turkey.
Those homes remind me of feeling happy.
We should all have a home and love.
Home is where you can be honest.
Home is where you can make lunch and snacks.
My country is Syria but I love Turkey as well and I miss my house in Turkey.
Maybe I’ll go to it again.