Grade 6


When I Think Of Home

When I think of home I think of my dad.
His presence always makes me glad.
I feel the comfort of my bed.
So, soothing on my head.

I hear the purr of my soft cat.
He always seems to make me laugh.
Home is different to everyone.

Home isn’t just a house or a place you stay.
It’s a place you feel comfortable, a place you feel safe.
Everyone can have a home no matter how you look.
Or who you love, you can have a home to call your own.

A home where you feel safe.
Where there’s no need to pace.
A home where you feel loved.
A home you can go to when you just need a hug.

While some don’t have homes, it is quite sad.
We can help them out and make them glad.
A lovely place you can relax and play.
And not worry about the stress of the day.

You can kick up your feet while you drift to sleep.
Feeling safe in your home while you’re alone.
When I think of home I think of my family.
Now that’s what home truly means to me.