Grade 5


When I think of home

I think of
My dad sometimes makes me sad.
Home is a gift for each and all, Home is a place
Where I feel safe. Home is a place where people
Care home is a place where I grow hair. Home is
Were I can also get hurt sometimes home is a
Place were I have some t-shirts

Home to me is where I hear a lot of yelling, home
To me is where I practice spelling . Home is
Were I sometimes get sad and sometimes im
Glad home is where I spend most of my day
Home is where I pray. I leave home and go
Back home to see my mom in the kitchen
Making chicken.

Home is where I watch Netflix eating breakfast
Home is somewhere that gives me power to
Be myself home is where I have a bookshelf
Home to me is a house full of love home to
Me is a place that I cry so my mom makes me
Pie. home to
Me is sometimes pain home to me is a house
That I am lucky to have.