Grade 6


When I Think of Home

I think of home as a warm and cozy place
Where I can feel safe.
And a happy and peaceful place.
I also think of it as a place to eat great food.
And a place to relax.
At home I have lots of animals to play with.
My home is a place where I like to sleep.
It’s a place where I can be myself.
It’s a place where I can sit on the couch and relax.
It’s a place where I can do lots of art
And even read.
Sometimes at my house I like to hang out
With my parents or my siblings.
I have lots of fun playing video games at home.
Sometimes I like to invite my friends
To my house to play with me.
At home my mom cooks food for me and my brothers.
Whenever I go to school
I miss being at home.
Home is a great place.
I like to lay in my bed a lot when I’m at home.
This is the meaning of home.