Grade 6


When I Think of Home

When I think of home, I think I think of my pets I like to take my hamster out of his cage and let him fun a round in his hamster ball and I like to watch my fish swim a round there fish tank especially the two fish I named bubble he/her is a fresh water puffer fish my hamster is name hammy and I think of having dinner with my family it’s always fun we talk about things we love or who are day of school was or I think of going and road trips with my family and think of playing hockey with my brothers outside of my house or playing video games with my brothers and cousin like NHL 20 and NBA2K 20 they are fun games or like playing online with my friends or when I think of home I think of watching really cool action movies with my dad when I think of home I think of helping my mom around the house like chores like sweep wash the dishes or talk out the recycling and take out the trash and vacuum and sometimes I think of going on my phone to text my friends and watch YouTube or when I come home from the outdoor hockey rink I think all about warmth and sometimes I play tag with my little cousin when I’m bored and I like doing experiments with my dad like put an egg in vinegar to see what would happen and the egg shell came of and the yoke stayed in a outer thing it was like plastic kind of and me and my dad held it up and dropped it on the table and I like go on my mom’s computer and print stuff like basketball player coloring papers